UnionCamp Web 2.0

What is UnionCamp?


Ideas + Technology + People (who care care jobs, work and prosperity).


UnionCamp is an unconference, much like its better known siblings - barcamp, socialinnovationcamp, mobilecamp, unsummit, etc.). To quote our unsummit friends in Minneapolis: "That means no pre-set agenda. No experts. Full participation. Full dissemination. And free admission. All the things that traditional conferences are not."


We're not sure, but we think this may be the first "camp" to feature subjects like the reinvention of jobs, work, and community organizing around a prosperity agenda.


When: February 20-22, 2009 (Friday-Sunday), in conjunction with RecentChangesCamp convening at the same time and in the same place. This is the point. We're trying to connect smart people who know different things with each other so we can build better futures faster.


Where: University Place Hotel, Portland Oregon.

Rooms (Double or King) are $89 per night + 12.5% tax (nothing else is taxed in Oregon so you'll quickly make up for it).


Who: Mark Dilley and Kristin Wolff are the ring leaders. We're inviting a small group of people we know to be reimagining the way people organize around work and jobs, and learning and development. People like: policy analysts, union leaders and active members, and campaign strategists.


More about what to expect at UnionCamp. Also this "unconference" is very helpful to get information for dissertation .


Sign up here for UnionCamp Web 2.0:

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What to Expect at UnionCamp

Ideas that Prompted Union Camp


The world of work is changing, fast.

A good job once promised economic security - health insurance, retirement savings, ...

News and Resources for UnionCamp
  Unions Good for What? American Needs a Job Thanks to Ethan for great post on ...

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Come to RecentChangesCamp 2010! (aka RoCoCo)

   June 25–27 in Montréal



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