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Friday 10:30am (1)

The decline and fall of Wikipedia

Wagn for session notes and more

How to grow my wiki community

What are collaborative agreements

Wikis becoming maninstream? specialized? both?

Startups Co-working Positive cash flow


Friday 2pm (2)

Open Space Technology for Open Tech

Creation myths of wiki

Combining wikis with other media

Perceptions of wiki and the people who love them


Fandom and Wikis

Wiki creation myths


Friday 3:30pm (3)

Social hacks aka Business Models

Open Data Sharing Organization Data

Making Wikis Welcoming

Structured wiki software


Saturday 10:30am (11)

Pollution Solutions - Turning Toxic Stuff into Reusable & Marketable By-products

About Us AURA

WYSIWYG Wiki Editing

Wiki, Wiki-culture and Public Policy

Thin Places

Process Arts Shop Talk for Professionals and Semi-Pros

Wikis Are In Our DNA: How Evolution Encoded the Urge to Collaborate and What That Means for How We Work

Calagator Code Sprint

Promoting your wiki and understanding wiki analytics

Stories of Being - write a children's story in 30 minutes

Rebuilding an Online Eco-museum with MediaWiki Volunteers


Saturday 2pm (22)

What is a Troll? Why Won't It Go Away?

Community Curated Works, Tools, Social Practices

TikiWiki: The WikiWay in Web Application Development

Facilitating Communication In and Across Multilingual Wiki Communities

Identity Tools on Web: Open ID, Info Cards, plus Application Social Tools & Wikis

Herding Cats: Developing Intentional Travel Community to Connect

Calagator Code Sprint

Work Session: evaluate Oregon HB 2500 - transparency bill

Wiki Business

Neutral points of view - cancelled?


Saturday 3:30pm (33)

Nonviolent Communication

Universal Edit Button What is it What are the next steps to develop How do we promote it

Promoting your wiki and understanding wiki analytics

Wikis for pattern languages

Calagator Code Sprint

Creating our own money - The new currencies financing the future

Automating content flows in and out of wikis

Glass Plate Game conversation as a tree

Can a great website become an immortal classic like a great book, painting, etc?


Road trip tour Free Geek



Sunday 10:30am

Stitch: Building a New Wiki Community

Personal wikis



Sunday 11:30am

Eco Villages and Intentional Societies

H2 Meltdown

RCC Patterns

Wiki Games

A vision for the future



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