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Please include a summary of the discussion, any recommendations or requests that the group had, and any resources the group noted regarding the topic.

Process Arts Shop Talk Notes

Round robin introducing ourselves. Nearly average mix of professional and aspiring professional facilitators and process architects. Coach. Facilitator. Basic premise was that we were here to help people find out where to be with a group and them show them social structures, demonstrate conversations, facilitate strategic planning sessions, mix and match for the moment, etc on how to get there.

== Keywords ==

Kaliya Hamlin

Mazarine - wiki for nonprofits
likes Christophe Alexander's ___
"Becoming and UnBecoming White" Book from 1960s. In summary, author ad a Black friend to protest unequal rights. Actions talk louder than words. What are you really willing to do to make the world equal.

Lean manufacturing (from Japan)

Amber Case - dropdead simple startup, uses MarkDown

John Abbe - wiki on the process arts
Leadership in a Self-Organizing World conference -

Tree Bressen
pattern language for group collaboration
(using Crabgrass - write Tree and she'll give a log in)
articles and resources on skills development for process arts

Lion Kimbro
Damanhur - a spiritual society in northern Italy - alternative currency for 30 years - supply 60-70% of their own food, electricity
Conversations about process are part of their govt
coin has three symbols - one for school(?), one for process, one for??

Gerald Gleason

Peter+Trudy Johnson-Lenz - everything until 1990. See papers and presentations. Report that talks about Bohmian Dialogue is in there.
Change Handbook
coined groupware
current site is
1993/4 paper "Groupware for a Small Planet" for a book, applicable to process arts. Also see collection of mind maps for about process arts on

Jean Russell
Thrivability = sustainability + social justice / benefit + consciousness

Bohmian Dialogue

Metamedia Cooperation

The Transitioner
MIT Dialogue Project


Jean framing conversation
- don't look to her for permission
- trying to figure out balance between me and we

*Part* of Me/We is how do I sustain myself in this, and offer the gifts i have to give to we? Gerry is experiencing an absence of tension in this moment. John: Be clear about Me though; I need rent. Question is broad - and earning living is more personal

Francis ______ Tighten them up/Loosen them up. Me/We - tension is always there.

ME/WE - in what stages of a group is this more relevant than others? Group forming vs. norming, etc. Kaylia notices that example from today is too open for her practice.

People i work with aren't used to thinking there might be other ways of doing things. Fernando Flores is his teacher (now a senator in Chile; worked with Chauncy Bell). Ontological design - the nature of being is we have history, language, biology. New Field Network - - coach training company based on that.

Kaliya recommends in the Bay Area - Fabulous Facilitators - Lisa Heft - lisaheft AT

Question: Graphic Facilitation? T - no path - don't like. Similar in many process fields. Group Facilitator AKA visual journalist: use graphics to record what happens in a room. is example. David Sibbit is the best known author. Templates available for specific processes. Extremely rich for people who were there. Not so valuable for people who were not there.

Language for recording visually.

VisThink is starting in San Jose on Monday. A field ripe for an unConference.
in San Jose.

Dunbar - several years ago created a mosaic of images with chess pieces to record conversations. Keep people's conversation is intense. Eventually made copies with cards. People can make up cards as they go. No scoring. Gerry - like graphic facilitation but with 3Space with objects. Started without structure. Dunbar will facilitate a game in the 3rd session.

Amber - typical structure is square, angular, etc. Opposite true for startups. Balance is like ball on top of hill. This is a conversation about how to innovate. Success has been found with rapidly going to extreme back and forth.

Dunbar - seems similar to society. How do we keep it going.

Gerry - balance and equilibrium is not a balance.

"Extreme Toyota" (2008) tells a similar story.  




Short description


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