* $500 PeopleSoft (to AboutUs) through Wagn's PayPal account

* $321.54 individual paypal donations

* $100 Linux Fund - (received awaiting deposit)

* $2000 About Us, Inc.

* $1000 PSU Computer Science Department

* $2000 WikiHow


Total = 5921.54


Expenses paid

* $2000 Conference space (via AboutUs)

* $1000 Conference space (via Portland State Universtiy Computer Science Dept)

* $151.39 Lunch Fri (via MarkDilley)

* $107 Lunch Sat (via MarkDilley)

* $160 Lunch Sat (via MarkDilley)

* $16.25 Lunch Supplies (via MarkDilley)

* $51.73 Lunch Supplies (via MarkDilley)

* $9.38 Lunch Supplies (via MarkDilley)

* $500 for facilitation

* $1,147.40 Catering

* $200 for facilitator travel

* $87.50 Confernece Button Swag (via JohnAbbe)

* $79.23 Lanyards, Labels and postcards (via LauraHale)


Total = $2509.88



* $700 (via AboutUs for confernce space)

* $739.10 Sat Dinner (via AboutUs maybe our gift?)

** ($477.66 to help from total)


Total = $1439.10


Budget analysis

+$5921.54 Total Income ($2000 outstanding)

-$2000 Paid for confernce space

-$1000 Paid for catering

-$2434.88 Outstanding expenses


Total = + $477.66



Next steps

*<s>Final invoice from PSU (~1072) - Mark</s>

* <s>Ping Jack double check sponsorship - Pete</s>

* <s>Confirm with AboutUs re gift possibilites - Mark</s>

* Final once-over by AU accountant - Mark, Mon. 4/13

* Pay folks who need to be reimbursed (Tiffany, Mark, John, Laura, PSU) - Mark

* Final thanking sponsors - Pete


Budgets From Previous RCCs for Reference






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