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While pre-registration for RecentChangesCamp is not required, it helps us to gauge how many people are coming if you add yourself to this page. Not sure if you're ready to come to RCC? You might be interested in the invitation and location. You can also RSVP on Upcoming.


There is no fee to attend RCC. If you want to come from out of town but are not sure if you can afford a place to stay or travel expenses to Portland and back home, sign up anyway and note that. We budget some money to help people out. You can also check out lodging and transportation to see if you can find some gift offers in the RCC community.


Definitely going


  1. Aaron Nelson of the Meyer Memorial Trust (Sat. and maybe Sun.)
  2. AaronHockley of # Another Blogger and # Hockley Photography - will be there for Saturday and hopefully more
  3. AmberCase of
  4. Bram Pitoyo
  5. Brandon CS Sanders
  6. Cary Bass of # Wikimedia (almost surely going...I don't have the geeky social calendar that Brion does)
  7. Chris Hadley - # wikiHow
  8. Danny Horn of Wikia
  9. David Myers
  10. DawnFoster of # Fast Wonder, # Legion of Tech, and # Shizzow
  11. Debbie Gleason
  12. DebBryant of # OSL, # GOSCON, # DemocracyLab, and # Open for Government
  13. Derek Wong (Toronto, Canada) of #
  14. Diana Larsen of and
  15. Dvortygirl (Betsy) of wikiHow, Wiktionary.
  16. Eric Eaglstun
  17. Ethan McCutchen of and
  18. Founders Barnaby Dorfman, Sheri Wetherell and Colin Saunders
  19. Gary Cunningham-Lee
  20. Geoff Burling
  21. Gerry Gleason
  22. Grant Kruger of # Meyer Memorial Trust and # thirdworld
  23. HowardSilverman of Ecotrust
  24. Igal Koshevoy (@igalko) of Calagator, an open-source publicly-editable wiki-like events calendar
  25. Jason McHuff (# Wikipedia)
  26. JeanRussell of and
  27. John Abbe of,, # HRSFANS, Earth
  28. John Smith of # Learning Alliances and # CPsquare
  29. JohnStanton of, # WikiIndex, # FortWiki
  30. Kaliya Hamlin of # Identity Commons
  31. Kristin Webb-Tomson
  32. Kristin Wolff, #, CSW, T&D, planet earth
  33. KristinaWeis of #
  34. Krystle (wikiHow)
  35. Laura Hale of Fan History Wiki
  36. Lewis Hoffman of and
  37. LionKimbro of CommunityWiki
  38. LoisWade wikiHow - Probably Saturday and Sunday
  39. MarcLaporte of
  40. MarieDeatherage of # Meyer Memorial Trust and # randumthots
  41. Mark Grimes NedSpace & Better World Media Network
  42. Mel wikiHow - Probably Saturday night/Sunday
  43. Nicole Willson of # wikiHow and Wikia
  44. Nyco Herzog of
  45. Paul Bingman of Most of Saturday and some Sunday
  46. PeteForsyth of # WikiProject Oregon and # Portland WikiWednesday
  47. Peter+Trudy Johnson-Lenz,
  48. Peter Kaminski of Dreamfish and #
  49. PhilTomson of Aloha
  50. Phoebe Ayers of Wikimedia. Coming in Friday a.m.
  51. Phoebe Owens of # Meyer Memorial Trust
  52. RayKing of
  53. Reid Beels
  54. Richard Fobes of,,
  55. Sylvia Orduno
  56. Ted Ernst of # AboutUs
  57. Teresa - # wikiHow
  58. Teresa Boze
  59. Tiffany von Emmel of Dreamfish and #
  60. WardCunningham of # PortlandPatternRepository (the first wiki) and
  61. Brian Kerr
  62. Brooks Lindsay of # Debatepedia.
  63. Diane Walton
  64. DunbarAitkens of # Glass Plate Game
  65. EricHanson of Aquameta
  66. Eugene Eric Kim, Blue Oxen Associates
  67. Evan Prodromou of Wikitravel, Keiki, Vinismo
  68. JackHerrick of # wikiHow
  69. MarkDilley of AboutUs, WikiIndex, Meatball, CommunityWiki
  70. steve van Eck, Meyer Memorial Trust
  71. Steven Walling of # AboutUs and Wikimedia
  72. David Mandel of LinuxFund and Portland Linux/Unix Group - probably just Friday
  73. Kerry Finsand, of & (Friday)
  74. Amgine (Sat-Sun)
  75. Jair of Imaginify
  76. Dominic (Dmcdevit) of Wikipedia and Wiktionary
  77. Mazarine Treyz of League of Portland) and Art) going Saturday.


Probably going


  1. Jeff Jacobson The only thing that will prevent me from going is some unforseen, traumatic circumstance.
  2. Chris D of wikiHow Dependent on work schedule.
  3. Tree Bressen Likely Saturday daytime
  4. Kevin Davis Hopefully all weekend
  5. Ben Sibelman Got a refundable Greyhound ticket, so I'll be there unless something weird comes up.
  6. John Williams of
  7. Daniel Bachhuber - I think I'll be able to make it Friday and possibly Sunday


Maybe going


  1. Lightning Temple Evonne Heyning of Amoration, depending on tour schedule
  2. ShakataGaNai (Jon Davis)
  3. Brion Vibber of Wikimedia (doesn't conflict with FOSDEM, but does with SCALE. :0 Will see who ends up at what... :)
  4. NickBurrus of (volunteer)
  5. Tony Deis of
  6. Matthew Gifford
  7. Eva Schweber of CubeSpace
  8. Arthur Brock Still working out my travel schedule...
  9. J D Holiday - on,
  10. AlmostBrazilian of WikiHow, WikiTravel, and Wikipedia.
  11. Gautam Chhabra of Whoisbehind
  12. Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach, Coworking Coach and Aging In Community author
  13. Peggy Duvette Executive Director of
  14. Peter Hutkins
  15. Ben Schmitlin, of Microsoft SharePoint - depending on girlfriend factor...


Probably not going

Eric Wester - Wish I could make it, but it just won't work.


Not going


* PanSola of GuildWiki, won't be going this year )-:

Come to RecentChangesCamp 2010! (aka RoCoCo)

   June 25–27 in Montréal
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